Garden Gallery at Kyalla Park

As a part of the FOOD week activities the natural gem Kyalla Park will open on the weekend of 16-17th April. Take this opportunity to experience the stunning affects of an Orange Autumn in a loved and lush country garden. Loretta and Larissa will exhibit… Read more

Art2muse Exhibition 2016

Loretta and Larissa exhibit together Art2Muse is a progressive gallery nestled in the heart of Sydney’s Double Bay. Established by the passionate art lover Katrina Hampton, Art2Muse cleverly marries the physical space with the digital world. My Daughter Larissa and I are very excited to… Read more

Playing with Peonies

The dramatic bloom of the of the Peony sparked my inspiration. My client was looking for the perfect gift for his wife’s birthday. As her favourite flower was the Peony we settled on a simple still life of these lovely flowers. Having delivered the commissioned work… Read more

Coolart results in Cold Cash

During the celebrations of Orange Wine Festival, a cocktail party and art auction was held to raise funds for the Orange Regional Museum Fund Ltd. Fridges donated by Electrolux had their doors adorned by local artists. The ultimate ‘one of a kind’ fridge. Thanks to the… Read more

Cool weather chills productivity

When Loretta Blake was approached to paint a fridge door to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Electrolux she didn’t realise the weather would pose as the great challenge. Seven artists, including local artists, Loretta, Ted Blake and Eris Fleming have been invited to add their style to the… Read more

Floral Oasis

Botanica Flora is the new destination for floral arrangements in Orange. Be it delicate or dramatic the subtle packaging ensure nature stays centre stage. Libby Spencer and her talented floristry team are combining creativity and botanic knowledge to create stunning and sophisticated bouquets. Follow @botanicaflora… Read more

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